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New, fully equipped rooms dedicated to the Day Surgery regimen.

ambulatorio lux

At the top in Italy as a facility for plastic surgery, the Villa Letizia Clinic can boast today - in addition to three speech roomsr equiring general anesthesia and overnight stays in comfortable rooms equipped with all comforts - two new, highly equipped rooms dedicated to the Day Surgery regimen.

Because for us, even the smallest treatment deserves great attention.

The combination of professionalism and technology therefore allows us to be able to offer all our customers a wide range of services, also customized according to the needs of each individual user. In particular, all professional doctors and surgeons can take advantage of important supports, such as:
• booking service and visit agenda management, which can be made both by telephone and electronically; 
• collection services;
• personalized reception of patients at the facility;
• guarantee and security of protection of the treatment of personal data in relation to all the information that will be acquired.

The Villa Letizia Clinic has three consultation studios where it is possible to carry out medical visits and medications.

Furthermore, upon reservation, it is possible to carry out diagnostic services of: 
• ECG performed directly on site;
• haematochemical, histological and culture services, carried out in the laboratory and entrusted to our trusted external laboratory.

The operating group, equipped with the latest generation equipment, it also supports minor general, maxillofacial and dental surgery. The presence of highly qualified and specialized personnel it is a guarantee of safety and quality for the patient: an anesthetist, always present in the operating room, follows the patient at every stage.

During the entire operating procedure, the use of check-lists is in force, drawn up on the basis of the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, which are part of registered and standardized procedures to guarantee the highest possible quality of care and safety.

chirurgia viso

Surgery of Facial Blemishes

Speeches by:



imperfections - tip of the nose and nostrils


Profile surgery:

with mentoplasty

insertion of zygomatic prostheses

Facelift Surgery:

blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)

all kinds of facelifts

mammelle chirurgia

Surgery of the blemishes of the body

Breast surgery:
breast augmentation
reduction mammaplasty
correction of asymmetries

In humans instead:
tummy tuck

medicina estetica viso

Aesthetic medicine

Facial rejuvenation with aesthetic medicine: 

facial lipostructure

increase in volume of the zygomatic regions
correction of nasolabial folds
lip rejuvenation and volume enhancement

chirurgia plastica ricostruttiva

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Care of:
blemishes on the face and body from burns, malformations or scars from previous operations,
nose malformations, ears, breast asymmetries, angiomas, etc.

Speeches by:
tummy tuck

chirurgia andrologica

Andrological surgery


Treatment of induratio penis plastic using “xiapex” collagenase;
Phimosis: total circumcision/partial circumcision/foreskin plasty;
Premature ejaculation surgery (selective neurotomy);
Treatment of induratio penis plastic (Peyronie's disease):
penile straightening with clostridium histolyticum collagenase (XIAPEX)/plaque surgery
straightening corporoplasty;
Penile prosthetic surgery
Penile lengthening
Scrotoplasty (scrotum lift)

Excision of the hydrocele
Orchidopexy (testicular fixation)
Testicular prosthetic surgery.


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Open 24h

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